Basic Commonalities: Relationships.

Beyond the present basic cultural similarities this photo essay of a sorts is presented within a more constructive visual objective to increase ones interests while at the same time fostering a basic natural human grid of what is meant by commonalities.  The desired affect are the emotional consequences  as they are then become more positive as a result.

This is to provide a visual platform to initiate behavior which to produce an environment for sociocultural personal evaluations, sociocultural exchanges,  and then,  personal discoveries.

The first priority are the children.

A Child is most precious.

A Child is most precious.

How this photo is taken into view – as noted in the mother applying a seat belt –  and how one is able to understand that similar attitudes are likewise expressed by other peoples within the Middle East region the more important all additional comparison identity becomes.  How one feels and then subsequently cares and innate sense and values of  infant protection after the birth of ones child places the burden of direct responsibility upon both parents. Not some political entity-which is still being persummed by the radicals.

Then there are the various efforts to form lasting basic human relationships which is the basis of how a civilization is actually constructed.

Find that one love in ones life is to secure a future of happiness.

Find that one love in ones life is to secure a future of happiness.

How does a boy meets girls and visa versa reflect the real course of society of both traditions and change.  Whether one is either Israeli, Palestinian or Arab.  Both the circumstance and the relativeness of its ends, meaning dating,  are pertty much the same.

Then comes ones ability to find a real great career.

Jobs and Career are central immediate concern within the Middle East region.

Jobs and Career are central immediate concern within the Middle East region.

Once one is secure, meaning one is anchored to a positive career path, then the basis in creating a family becomes that more possible.  Marriage Vows are then pledged and confirm within ones sociospiritual domain as well.

Happiness is thus celebrated.

Happiness is thus celebrated.

As these basic human conditions are once witnessed, or even participated by the other which actually sets the tone for further interest and trust and nothing much else.  Human relations are as they are, those which are mostly private, are none the less a central strength in which each society has to offer in relationship to eachs future security.  They are all – within their various sociocultural dynamics certainly comprehended by the majority within ones own society or culture.

Here is where the private sector is directly involve  as it is here, during a marriage, where the more real the focus and thus the fuller expectations  are the lasting  consequences  in celebrating this one moment of real magic – as the photo above.  Whether it is the lighting up of her eyes upon seeing the one love she has just pledged herself to is self – assuring as a woman, while he acknowledges the real sense of his comming manhood as well by his love and affections he had just honored by the full value of  his own life.

Once these four elements are seen and when one meets with others in the region the more personal connections are then made.  Once they are explored the more positive the environment becomes.  It is, none the less, the personal discovery in which one undergoes in which the ethnocentric behaviorisms are likewise modified.

Here conflict is total displaced within ones view and for a while in ones immediate psyche, and a set of real human exchanges are thusly manisfested for what one is acquiring is that through the eyes of others the real value of  ones own personal behavior of fuller human relations becomes all that more important.

How what was learned form Arabs in the past to examine the present.

The Gazan Example:
Gaza has a sea coast. Wheres the major needed modern port facility?

Gaza has a sea coast. Wheres the major needed modern port facility?

Alexandria, Eygpt: Academic seminars and corporate conferences were held between Palestinian and Arab private sector interests which examined the development of a modern port facility at Gaza after the Israeli pull out.  The area selected would have been 6 miles south of the city’s limits. Cost would have been invested by the U.A.E. who saw future profits in such a project along with an experience contributing contracting firms in Dubai or Japan to do the job.  However, Hamas efforts in asserting its control over the population would not endorse the project fearful of future political competing interests by the resulting power the private Palestinian sector would have immediately benefited as a result. A modern port facility would have made Gaza a fully self-dependent state. This is just one such scheme; there were others.

Previous to recent events. Could Gaza compete with Tel Aviv's economic development?

Previous to recent events. Could Gaza compete with Tel Aviv's economic development?

Yes. Especially with a modern port facility.

Haifa, Israel [ where this information was first revealed ] both Jewish and Arab Israeli private sector interests who financially benefited from Gaza’s land route dependency saw such a development as a competing business interest. Foreign shipped food stuffs ear marked for Gaza largely were delivered through Haifa.  Israeli [ both Arab and Jewish ] truckers and shipping firms were making alot money in making Gazan deliveries.

Here we see more connectiveness.  But even more so the relative and more positive view is taken when you immediately as a business concern, private sectors focus, and the central commonalities applies free trades are likewise involked in the present perceptions.

Then you compare this perception with what is going on in the International Media, including the Arab control media as well, then you see how my present focus has been forced to change.

I did not become Pro – Israel to be isolated within the circumstance of such support, but fully realized that in the interest of that support I must make every effort to reach out just as strongly to the available Arab Students / Scholars as well.  Israeli future as well as general Arab prosperity hinges on reconciliation.  If I was more Pro – Arab my emphasis and the Gazan example above would be just as strong.  This has subsequently involved more time in this effort – reaching out to Arab Students / Scholars during the 1980s to now, than my Pro – Israeli activity previous to 1982.

What I have absorbed as a consequence is the acculturalization of both’s central values. Spiritual, Social, Cultural, Intellectual, and Jewish from the Israeli component, but honesty, concerns for overall humanity from the Arabs just as well and including Arab traditional practice of hospitality.

With this in view, and in addition to other elements in this blog,  then you will be able to see what is actually at risk in not developing reconciliation first and foremost.  This central focuses can anyone trust the present political envelope – environments? Where as a business developmental picture is more stable.

What are the rules, or should there be rules?

Some historical notes:

At Camp Ramah, a Zionist youth camp outside the southern rim of the Catskills [ which was primarily used by BeTar ], The North American Jewish Students’ Network [ A moderate leftists Independent American Jewish Student – Youth National Organization .] held a conference in the Spring of 1975 to consider the consequences of the Yom Kippur War, and what about the Palestinians.

Yossi ben Dak:

Here a Yossi ben Dak was brought on board to give additional evidence about  who are the Palestinians as well as a brief orientation to this national campus Jewish student – youth leadership representitive forum about his new group.

The Foundation for Arab – Israeli Reconciliation.

In the end he got his list of campus Jewish supporters along with setting the stage for further inqury by Jewish students on an International scale Jewish  future supportive concerns for the plight of the Palestinians.

Where I came in.

With my name Roger M. Christian. I really stood out and I participated and helped to write the conference resolutions as a full deligate from the Hillel Grad Club, State University of New York at Buffalo.  I also supplied the Israeli flag as well.  How this, becoming a full deligate, happen is too long of a story.

What is important, and what ben Dak – who since has change his first name to its Americanization to Joseph much later after his group fell apart – contributed was this one vital point.

Operations evolving.

To stop the harsh rethoric and begin a personal process of personal self – discovery issues by closely examining ethnocentric commonalities which eachs have.  This was based upon his Phd Thesis on Conflict Resolutions, yet once I used this, his total process, along with TQM Interviewing techniques which I was trained for – – – in the Junior Management training  by Arthur Murray Dance Studio’s management preparation programs and their adaptation of Total Quality Management Corporate Skills of the time and era – – – these additional points became apparently most important as I then was successfully able to apply to advance his process.  Especially in interviewing Arab Students / Scholars.

Beyond the necessity to put a stop to the harsh and at times hateful rethoric and once I reexamined the interviews themselves which impacted a central security needs between  the Israelis and Arabs the centrality of eachs ethnocentric parenting process and its subsequent sociocultural preparation is the central Israeli – Arab and  Palestinian commonality.


And it is from here where additional discoveries were likewise made.

Then with the Israeli – Eygptian Camp David Accords I, as well as others thought that reconciliations were to closely follow. Wrong.  But by then I was no longer a player.

Then came 9 / 11 and now this effort.

What is most apparent is that with out a true reconciliation by both on a social, economic, private, and cultural level no matter the number of peace treaties, and very much like those treaties in which America had with our Native American citizens, they  mean nothing in the long run without real reconciliation first and foremost.

Why now and the beginnings of this process.

The Private Sector Imperative.

In further review all the subsequent pretentions which triggered not only additional harsh rethoric to emerge, but even more deeper seeded hate sentiments as well all have strongly suggested that both the Non – for – Profits and Political leaderships were out of touch with both the Israelis, Arab,  and most certainly the Palestinian peoples. 

This quickly created the focus upon the private sector who were those who invested themselves to developed businesses and industries alike.  They were the central developers of both Israeli, Arab, and Palestinian present existing realities. Here the imperatives in formulating a broader free trades between the Israeli and Palestinian emerged was just as important is its connection to parental developement within each societies as well. This lent direct future focus on job development and career planning – the real positive stuff which created societies in general who are or became affluent and peaceful ” law abidding “ societies.

recent Tel Aviv developments; this just could be Gaza as well.

recent Tel Aviv developments; this just could be Gaza as well.

With both these views in the picture [ parenting – free trade commonalities ], then,  you the reader, what are emotional responses:

. Will it change your views?

. Has this created sharper visions of what is needed to promote peace?

All these question are then brought to your view as the critical factor to remove the harsh and hateful rethoric , as this has been eleminated temporary from you subsequence view during the cognition consumption in your readings of these very words and its immediate cognitive comprehensional resultants.

There is more,  really alot more, and from this base and the varied fascets will probed even deeper.

As side note of what was learned from Arab Students / Scholars and its impact upon my perceptions of Gaza.

Welcome to F.A.I.R. [ Foundation ” For ” Arab – Israeli Reconciliation, Ithaca, New York.]

Everything in which a society hold as sacred is how it is able to nurture its youth.  With the ethnocentric commonalities which exist between the Israelis and Arabs, both family values and the importance of parental preparation in child rearing are joint – crucial issues. Social and personal survival is solely dependent upon this one issue alone.

Here in this next photo are three Palestinians children showing real child – like connectiveness, and sort of play with the photographer – who may be likewise encouraging this behavior as well.

In full with themselves and their photographer.

In full with themselves and their photographer.

This indicates an innocent demure as well.  More importantly they could be  Israeli children too! Furthermore, though, why could they not be both Palestinians and Israeli children as well?

This questions the issues of parenting right at its central heart.  This should not indicate blame, but rather focuses on what is actually involved in eachs’ culture which prepares one for parenting.

There are others similar and potential stronger connectiveness between these two societies and they really speak to the heart of what is indeed the cultual ethnocentricity of commonalities in which both the Israelis and Arabs have.  More importantly, what they really have to offer to each other in which at the heart of this side their inherited historic cultural commonalities are  the mulit level business imperatives which revolves around free trade issues.

Thus this blog is the education center piece of The Foundation ” For ” Arab – Israeli Reconciliation Ithaca, New York.   In addition there is the central network WebSite URL =  F.A.I.R. National – International

Your comments are always welcomed.

Mission: Arab – Israeli Reconciliation

The Foundation ” For ” Arab – Israeli Reconciliation, Ithaca, New York is a private sector inspired approach to enhance meaningful personal and business relations between the Israelis and Arabs.  The greater commonality within the ethnological foundations between the Arabs and the Israeli are the ethics involved in ” Free Trades. “

The steps which are encourages is the development of one on one private efforts of joint discoveries, the development local affiliations into form private groups, the development of contracts for shared resources and businesses, and joint national contracted projects and / or services.

email if you desire involvement.