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Everything in which a society hold as sacred is how it is able to nurture its youth.  With the ethnocentric commonalities which exist between the Israelis and Arabs, both family values and the importance of parental preparation in child rearing are joint – crucial issues. Social and personal survival is solely dependent upon this one issue alone.

Here in this next photo are three Palestinians children showing real child – like connectiveness, and sort of play with the photographer – who may be likewise encouraging this behavior as well.

In full with themselves and their photographer.

In full with themselves and their photographer.

This indicates an innocent demure as well.  More importantly they could be  Israeli children too! Furthermore, though, why could they not be both Palestinians and Israeli children as well?

This questions the issues of parenting right at its central heart.  This should not indicate blame, but rather focuses on what is actually involved in eachs’ culture which prepares one for parenting.

There are others similar and potential stronger connectiveness between these two societies and they really speak to the heart of what is indeed the cultual ethnocentricity of commonalities in which both the Israelis and Arabs have.  More importantly, what they really have to offer to each other in which at the heart of this side their inherited historic cultural commonalities are  the mulit level business imperatives which revolves around free trade issues.

Thus this blog is the education center piece of The Foundation ” For ” Arab – Israeli Reconciliation Ithaca, New York.   In addition there is the central network WebSite URL =  F.A.I.R. National – International

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  1. i posted this picture on my blogspot because it is an absolutely precious picture!

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