Basic Commonalities: Relationships.

Beyond the present basic cultural similarities this photo essay of a sorts is presented within a more constructive visual objective to increase ones interests while at the same time fostering a basic natural human grid of what is meant by commonalities.  The desired affect are the emotional consequences  as they are then become more positive as a result.

This is to provide a visual platform to initiate behavior which to produce an environment for sociocultural personal evaluations, sociocultural exchanges,  and then,  personal discoveries.

The first priority are the children.

A Child is most precious.

A Child is most precious.

How this photo is taken into view – as noted in the mother applying a seat belt –  and how one is able to understand that similar attitudes are likewise expressed by other peoples within the Middle East region the more important all additional comparison identity becomes.  How one feels and then subsequently cares and innate sense and values of  infant protection after the birth of ones child places the burden of direct responsibility upon both parents. Not some political entity-which is still being persummed by the radicals.

Then there are the various efforts to form lasting basic human relationships which is the basis of how a civilization is actually constructed.

Find that one love in ones life is to secure a future of happiness.

Find that one love in ones life is to secure a future of happiness.

How does a boy meets girls and visa versa reflect the real course of society of both traditions and change.  Whether one is either Israeli, Palestinian or Arab.  Both the circumstance and the relativeness of its ends, meaning dating,  are pertty much the same.

Then comes ones ability to find a real great career.

Jobs and Career are central immediate concern within the Middle East region.

Jobs and Career are central immediate concern within the Middle East region.

Once one is secure, meaning one is anchored to a positive career path, then the basis in creating a family becomes that more possible.  Marriage Vows are then pledged and confirm within ones sociospiritual domain as well.

Happiness is thus celebrated.

Happiness is thus celebrated.

As these basic human conditions are once witnessed, or even participated by the other which actually sets the tone for further interest and trust and nothing much else.  Human relations are as they are, those which are mostly private, are none the less a central strength in which each society has to offer in relationship to eachs future security.  They are all – within their various sociocultural dynamics certainly comprehended by the majority within ones own society or culture.

Here is where the private sector is directly involve  as it is here, during a marriage, where the more real the focus and thus the fuller expectations  are the lasting  consequences  in celebrating this one moment of real magic – as the photo above.  Whether it is the lighting up of her eyes upon seeing the one love she has just pledged herself to is self – assuring as a woman, while he acknowledges the real sense of his comming manhood as well by his love and affections he had just honored by the full value of  his own life.

Once these four elements are seen and when one meets with others in the region the more personal connections are then made.  Once they are explored the more positive the environment becomes.  It is, none the less, the personal discovery in which one undergoes in which the ethnocentric behaviorisms are likewise modified.

Here conflict is total displaced within ones view and for a while in ones immediate psyche, and a set of real human exchanges are thusly manisfested for what one is acquiring is that through the eyes of others the real value of  ones own personal behavior of fuller human relations becomes all that more important.

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