How what was learned form Arabs in the past to examine the present.

The Gazan Example:
Gaza has a sea coast. Wheres the major needed modern port facility?

Gaza has a sea coast. Wheres the major needed modern port facility?

Alexandria, Eygpt: Academic seminars and corporate conferences were held between Palestinian and Arab private sector interests which examined the development of a modern port facility at Gaza after the Israeli pull out.  The area selected would have been 6 miles south of the city’s limits. Cost would have been invested by the U.A.E. who saw future profits in such a project along with an experience contributing contracting firms in Dubai or Japan to do the job.  However, Hamas efforts in asserting its control over the population would not endorse the project fearful of future political competing interests by the resulting power the private Palestinian sector would have immediately benefited as a result. A modern port facility would have made Gaza a fully self-dependent state. This is just one such scheme; there were others.

Previous to recent events. Could Gaza compete with Tel Aviv's economic development?

Previous to recent events. Could Gaza compete with Tel Aviv's economic development?

Yes. Especially with a modern port facility.

Haifa, Israel [ where this information was first revealed ] both Jewish and Arab Israeli private sector interests who financially benefited from Gaza’s land route dependency saw such a development as a competing business interest. Foreign shipped food stuffs ear marked for Gaza largely were delivered through Haifa.  Israeli [ both Arab and Jewish ] truckers and shipping firms were making alot money in making Gazan deliveries.

Here we see more connectiveness.  But even more so the relative and more positive view is taken when you immediately as a business concern, private sectors focus, and the central commonalities applies free trades are likewise involked in the present perceptions.

Then you compare this perception with what is going on in the International Media, including the Arab control media as well, then you see how my present focus has been forced to change.

I did not become Pro – Israel to be isolated within the circumstance of such support, but fully realized that in the interest of that support I must make every effort to reach out just as strongly to the available Arab Students / Scholars as well.  Israeli future as well as general Arab prosperity hinges on reconciliation.  If I was more Pro – Arab my emphasis and the Gazan example above would be just as strong.  This has subsequently involved more time in this effort – reaching out to Arab Students / Scholars during the 1980s to now, than my Pro – Israeli activity previous to 1982.

What I have absorbed as a consequence is the acculturalization of both’s central values. Spiritual, Social, Cultural, Intellectual, and Jewish from the Israeli component, but honesty, concerns for overall humanity from the Arabs just as well and including Arab traditional practice of hospitality.

With this in view, and in addition to other elements in this blog,  then you will be able to see what is actually at risk in not developing reconciliation first and foremost.  This central focuses can anyone trust the present political envelope – environments? Where as a business developmental picture is more stable.

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  1. In this question one must denote two primary elements. One : The person who asked this is only aware of what the media has fed to the general public as well as among themselves—their cultural habits as well.

    Two: When those of us who looks on both current and past events we have a tendency to block or frame them within a political domiain-for this path is most easy to do. We have been taking the more easy road. However, both the manner in which Westerners have recorded history as reported on events have very seldom penitrated the private sectors —possibly, and most a rest assure, they want to keep that way in the first place—nor fully examined the various sociocultural pathologies behind each conflict or political consequences of how they emerged into present political conditions.

    What one, who has closely examined every feature of the sociocultural pathologies, and their relative impacts upon both the socioeconomic and political results is that the ideas presently being focused have no real force behind them except more death. The chief reason being is that they have been tried and failed. And the leadership talent has shifted away, as a result, from looking for solutions and have, instead, focused upon their own, or attempting to develop their own private businesses and raising a family to have a sense ot their own happiness – ” if ” thats possible.

    What is learned, if one was able to fully have access to a large group of both Arabs, and Israeli is that based upon their experiences neighter side has had the willingness to confront the major anxieties that these very same interviewed Arabs and Israelis have had.

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