A Kind of Community — Jews, Arabs, Palestine, Israel

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Community is a group with people you despise, defined by a common center of concern and care. Between the leftwing Israel-always-wrong crowd to the genocide wing of the Jewish right, the beautiful souls and the ugly Jews. But no matter where we are on the map, all of us are in this together, those of us who are obsessed about Israel and Palestine. Historically, politically, and morally, I do not see any way to separate contemporary Jewishness from Israel. But here’s the rub. There’s no way either to separate or modern Israel from Palestine and the modern Middle East. There are too many competing investments in that place, which operates as a moral and affective center of collective consciousness. Also obsessed about Gaza and Israel, many Arabs and Muslims, from the political moderates to the #HitlerWasRight crowd, share the same center of gravity. Like it or not, “we are very…

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Formula: Child Rearing Focus

Today a child rearing centered focus contained in the overall formula “For “ reconciliation, in part, is influenced from the pages of Emile written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau [ See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Jacques_Rousseau ], and the Arab and Israeli emerging traditions against a backdrop of conflicts. None the less, it is the real emotions which are expressed when each nation talks and then reflects on the future of ones children.

Unanswered though, in the meantime, in our times and era of today are, for example:

What are the real expectations and then national aspirations of the children right now, and especially of those who are the critical stages in their respected human [ Piaget ] development. Will there be consequences which could trigger internal future conflicts within ones own society; the key factor in present day internal crisis causing de-stablization; both political and reflecting at the same time growing militant religious conflict centered schism – i.e. cause by the emotional imprint of the Iraqi regime of Sadam Husine’s tyrant centered violence to enforce internal political controls.

What are the social, cultural, and career expectations of the children of Israel when compared with Arab children. Are the emotional mine sets of each is on the positive aspirations results of their conscious awareness of the events of today, or are there traces of emotional anxieties which later could trigger personal unrests to the extent of later creating the dependence on violent action to solve emotional crises.

Thus: Why a the inclusion of a child rearing comparison for commonalities as per:

It is the regional focus on such comparisons which forces the bests in ones own social and cultural customs to set the lead which will be found most dramatically in their out look of real commonalities; their intercultural communications significance to establish national goals of child rearing.