About: The Foundation ” For ” Arab – Israeli Reconciliation Goals

The Foundation ” For ” Arab – Israeli Reconciliation, Ithaca, New York is a private sector inspired approach to enhance meaningful personal and business relations between the Israelis and Arabs.  The greater commonality within the ethnological foundations between the Arabs and the Israeli are the ethics involved in ” Free Trades. ”

The steps which this blog encourages is the development of one on one private efforts of joint discoveries, the development of local affiliations to form private groups, the development of contracts for shared resources and businesses, and joint national contracted projects and / or services.

email ithacasocials@aol.com if you desire involvement.

The publications of each press release in this blog is to demonstrate what can happen, as they reflect real events representing personal private aspirations to find alternatives in creating solutions to resolve conflicts. By their publication, as it must be pointed out, does not in any manner reflect agreement or endorsement by their group of this blog, but are open public press releases to inform the general public of their efforts which this publisher most agrees with and thus endorses as well.

There is the unknown ethnological and histroic commonality which revolves the singularly importance to ones perception about the present ethos of the Middle East.

The initial capture of Jerusalem by the Crusader Knights resulted in the genocide of 50,000 Arab Jews in which a third were defending the walls along side Arab Moslems, and Arab Nestorian [ condered heritics by the Pope ] Christians; all were equally put to death by the crusaders’ sword. . A century later under the command of Saladin thousands and thousands of ” Well Armed “Arab Jews [ Those who faked their Islamic conversion and who later, and at times during the march to Jerusalem were viewed as apostates, in order to join the fight to liberate Jerusalem — with fresh memories of Crusaders killing entire Jewish communities after their taking Jerusalem. ] joined forces and together taken successfully Jerusalem; and from whom he was further supported by great financial contributions [ A volunteered tax – especially by the Egyptian Arab Jewish business community.] of regional Arab Jewish Communities; they became eventually the Turkish, Iraqi, and Kurdish Jews in which over 200,000 made aliyah to Israel after the 1948 liberation.   Thus Saladin encouraged regional surviving Arab Jews to return to Jerusalem acknowledging the Jewish contribution to its liberation from the Crusaders. This extremely very important historic foot – note is recorded and is contained in Libraries in Medena, Mecca. Rhiyad, Turkish Academia, Sephardic cultural oral histories, rumored to be listed in the Vatican Library, and various Kurdish archives within the Middle East; and as well in the oral histories of Israeli children and grandchildren whose parents made aliyah from the Kurdistand regions of the Middle East.   The commonality is that both Jew and Arab both ironically [ between 1885 to 1948 ] and equally liberated the Middle East from Eurocentric Colonialism.

It is the years of various verifications of the above by both Israelis and the Arabs in which a new pathos – ethos emerges, even to the extent on checking the regional commonalities of DNA ancestrial networks which exists. IE. There have been silent rumors within the Red Crescent about Tay-Sachs existing within population sectors of Arab / Palestinian Communities. The additional aspect which is likewise in the future of multituded verifications, themselves, are the Heros who will emerged and are still unknown. IE.Those Arab, and Berberic [ Lybian ] peoples who aided, virtually saving their lives, fleeing Sephardic Jewry of North Africa from German Field Marshal, Nazi Africa Corps, and commander darling of Adolf Hitler, Erin Rommel’s SS staffers’ deportations to European Nazi Death Camps.

This is the spiked ball of very, very dramatic historic volleyball. The realization of such drama earth-moving off its axis.

Member requirements:
No – harsh rhetoric.

Recognition that this effort is based upon the InterCultrual Communications of Regional Commonalities from which each makes in privacy ” about ” their own and, thus, shared, social, cultural, and economic expectations / aspirations from each participant and to which each has the potential of great personal discoveries. Thus establishing the true nature and urgent need of co – developed prosperity imperatives through a free and open market place in which business contracts are thus so based.

That developed friendships are likewise entitled in the regional arena as both secondary condition or in very private separate primary condition to reconciliation, and possibly upto the extent that the social application of wedding invitations to each’s children’s weddings achive their own, yet separate, co – social course of human conformation support of the newly wedded couples future success.

Concluding with the real future:
The ends of which reflects the need to have of all its resulting focus centered on future “Childrearing.”

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