Arab – Israeli Co – Child Rearing Events

This hopeful program was successful last year. Since then the website listed for Arab – Israeli Co – operations  expired.  If you have any additional news email  This also included knowledge of existing programs which promotes this effort.

Tennis Centers Foundation brings Israeli and Arab children together to learn co-existence and tolerance through tennis. Nadine Fahoum participated in the co-existence program, and it helped make her the successful woman she is today.

In a few weeks, Nadine Fahoum, a Muslim Arab from the city of Haifa, in Israel will be graduating from one of the most prestigious Universities in the United States. For the past four years she has been a scholarship athlete competing at the collegiate level in women’s tennis, first at Old Dominion University and then at Duke University, where she has been the number one singles player for the past two years.  During this time she won over 107 singles matches and was ranked the 15th best singles player in Division 1.

Nadine’s story began in 1998 when she was nine years old and started playing at the Israel Tennis Center in the city of Haifa.  Eight years later in 2006 Nadine’s passion of formalizing more tennis programs among Arab and Israeli children became a reality when the Bernstein family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania through their Marci Lynn Bernstein Charitable Foundation created an Arab-Israeli co-existence program.  The Bernstein’s did this in the memory of their eight year old daughter who had passed away. The program brings Israeli Arab and Jewish children together to learn co-existence and tolerance through the sport of tennis. http:// Arab-Israeli co-existence

After graduating with a degree in Political Science Nadine plans to remain in the U.S. and hopes to work on Wall Street as a stock market analyst.  This past summer Nadine participated in two fund raising events for the Israel Tennis Center Foundation. She credits the Foundation for helping her to become the person she is today.  “I have achieved already so much in my young life and the Tennis Centers opened so many doors for me.  I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of the Tennis Centers and train myself and others about co-existence and success.” Nadine also believes it is very important to integrate Jewish and Arab kids from a very young age. “That way they learn that this is the only way, there is no need to force it upon them in the future, it becomes natural. Tennis is a beautiful sport and a great way to achieve vital things such as co-existence.” To meet the growing demands of programming focused on co-existence the Israel Tennis Centers employ 13 Arab coaches with some devoted just to a special kindergarten program.  http:// Arab-Israeli co-existence

For her recent speech on her experiences and journey through the co-existence program please click here.

About The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation (ITC)  The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation (ITC), formerly known as The Israel Tennis Centers is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization that has worked for over 35 years to enhance the social, psychological, and physical development of Israeli youth through the medium of sport. Most of ITC Centers are located in disadvantaged neighborhoods or outlying development towns throughout Israel, from Kiryat Shmona on the Lebanese border in the North to Beer Sheva bordering the Negev Desert in the South. For additional background please visit:


Preferred Parenting Styles: Do Jewish and ArabIsraeli – Springer
The A Dor Thesis Sep 1, 2010 – The study addressed cultural effects on Israeli emerging adults’ preferred parenting styles. Pre-parenthood preferred parenting styles in a 

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